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There are three categories of membership:

  • In order to qualify as a FULL MEMBER, a company must conduct business within the Republic of South Africa and its core business must be international freight forwarding and/or customs clearing.
  • The second category is an ASSOCIATE MEMBER, a company that must be engaged in activities in the Republic that are closely allied or related to freight forwarding.
  • The third category is an AFFILIATE MEMBER, which is Reciprocal Membership of various institutions.

Honorary membership may be conferred on individuals in recognition of their services to the Association.

Associate and Honorary members do not have a vote in the affairs of the Association.

Organisations qualifying for membership must become a member of SAAFF and pay the applicable annual subscription. On payment of annual membership fee personnel from the various branches of the company’s operation may attend the meetings in the Regional Chapters upon approval. SAAFF has chapters in the following regions: Border, Eastern Cape, Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Western Cape.

The main office of SAAFF is situated in Bedfordview, Gauteng.

Application Process

The applicant company will be visited by the membership team of the Regional Chapter in which the Head Office is located. On approval from the regional chapter, the application is forwarded to the membership committee for ratification and validation.

For membership enquiries, please contact Raelean Melaia on 011-455-1726

Application Forms

SAAFF Membership Application

Membership Update Document – 2020

Membership Benefits

SAAFF acts on behalf of and supports its members in various areas. Members are also invited to participate in workshops

  • Participation in and access to industry forums
  • Access to forums for lobbying for constructive changes in the industry
  • Access to and participation in industry training initiatives
  • Regular updates on legislative changes and customs and tax amendments
  • Global credibility in the industry
The South African Association of Freight Forwarders