SAAFF Projects


Eastern Cape – Smart Borders (DHA, DOT, SARS, C-BRTA, DTIC): 
Chaired by Rossouw Botha

Deliverable: Reduce delays and costs of moving cargo through land borders, working towards the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCTFA) and the WTO-TFA trade facilitation agenda.

Border – North South Corridor: 
Headed up by Lin Botha

Deliverables: The key focus is to increase the efficiency and capacity of the transport sectors, ensuring easy border crossing for both cargo and passengers. This ultimately will lead to a reduction in the costs and delays and create regional integration, leading to increased regional trade.

Gauteng – New Customs Acts Programme (NCAP) – Activation of the New Act: 
Chaired by Maria du Preez

Deliverable: Working with SARS in a real, tangible, collaborative way will   ensure quicker and smoother rollout of the new Acts, also ensuring that the rollout does not interrupt trade and add to costs/delays.

Kwa-Zulu Natal – WCO-ESA-RPSG
Headed up by Devan Govender

Deliverables: To be part of an effective lobby group and ensure that the views of the private sector are heard and incorporated into the WCO-PSCG agenda, with good practical solutions and real verified case studies. 

Western Cape – Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Project (Owners and Role-players in the Extended Supply Chain:
Compliance, Safety and Security): Headed up by Llewelyn Osborne

Deliverables: To facilitate the moving of PT-approved clients into the AEO Programme, which provides additional benefits, as risk is being transferred to the trader himself for a better compliant, safety and secure trading environment.  Trust needs to be established in the trading environment to ensure Customs Administration (SARS) can put reliance on the traders’ ability to uphold the high level of standards. With the effective transferring of responsibility and ownership, traders will benefit by being able to unlock a better international trading environment. This will soon be expanded to include the role-players in the extended supply chain.

Establish the SAAFF Training Centre and introduce new training initiatives

TETA Small Business Development Project

Membership Satisfaction Surveys

The South African Association of Freight Forwarders