Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

The forwarding industry has its own Charter which was originally signed in November 2004.

On the 31st October 2008, the Department of Transport launched the “Integrated and Sub-Sector B-BBEE Charters of Transport” document.

The sections pertaining to the Forwarding and Clearing Industry can be found on:

  • Pages 4 – 20 – The Integrated and Sub-Sector B-BBEE Charters of Transport.
  • Pages 21 – 56 – General scorecard details and requirement for BEE status.
  • Pages 71 – 95 – The Forwarding and Clearing Sub-Sector Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Charter.

The full document can be found on the following link: This is the current BBBEE Scorecard


  1. www.dti.gov.za/economic_empowerment/bee_sector_charters.jsp