Western Cape Chapter

Western Cape Chapter

SAAFF Western Cape Chapter was founded in the 1920’s under the name of Cape Town Freight Forwarders.

They have developed strong relationships in the industry ranging from the City Council to SARS Customs, encompassing the airlines, ACSA, NRCS, shipping lines, Transnet and Cape Town Harbour Carriers Association.  Their reach further extends to the Cape Chamber of Commerce and the Port Liaison Forum together with other industry Stakeholder Forums.

Perishable cargo, which together with the wine and fruit industries, make up a large percentage of exports from the Cape and this Chapter has strong relationships with the National Department of Agriculture, the PPECB, Port Health and other related bodies.

Chairperson:           Basil Hanival           basil.hanival@gaclaser.co.za

Vice Chairperson:   Mike Walwyn         mwalwyn@saaff.org.za