Single road Cargo Manifest – deadline for registration 15th June 2017 MRA

We have received the following message from MCLI and the various attachments in respect of the institution of the Single Road Cargo Manifest process by the Mozambique Revenue Authority at the Ressano Garcia Border Post.   Please note that the deadline for registration is the 15th June 2017.


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The Mozambican Revenue Authority (MRA) has rolled out the final phase of the Single Road Cargo Manifest process, which will come into effect on the 16th of June 2017, when international road carriers transporting goods to Mozambique through the Ressano Garcia border post will be required to submit the Road Cargo Manifest on the Single Electronic Window platform in compliance with Mozambican legislation.  The English translation of  the MRA Service Order No 17/AT/DGA/2017 is attached and includes an annexure, which sets out the registration process.

To ensure the continued smooth flow of goods through the Lebombo Ressano Garcia border posts, road carriers are urged to apply for a NUIT number with the MRA first and then register on the Single Electronic Window platform with MCNet by 15 June 2017.

For the NUIT application, South African road carriers will need to submit the following to the Mozambican Revenue Authority:

  • Letter of application to the DGA on company letterhead (in Portuguese as attached)
  • Certified copy of the responsible person’s passport
  • Certified copy of the company’s registration document
  • Form M/01C in duplicate (Must be completed on the original form and copies may be obtained from the MCLI offices in Nelspruit or from the MRA at KM4)  
  • Once a carrier has received a NUIT number from the MRA, the carrier must then register with MCNet to access the SeW platform and training (registration form attached).  The process and contact details are set out in the first document.    For more information, please contact MCLI on

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Letter of Application to the DGA. REQUERIMENTO ao DGA

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